The Stooge

From the creator of “The Prestige”, comes a new film about magic!

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2019 Short Films
Friday, March 22ND
5:50PM - Shorts Session 6

“One evening some years ago I went along to a live magic show to see how things were done. I was researching for the novel I was writing then – this book became The Prestige, which was filmed in 2006 by Christopher Nolan.

I started thinking about the role of a stooge in magic. Who becomes a stooge? How does he or she get involved? What do they know about the tricks? What do they have to do to earn their money? And what becomes of them later …?

The Stooge was originally written as a short story, a sort of footnote to The Prestige. And now Rogelio Fojo directed The Stooge as a motion picture, with a lot of magic and just a little naughtiness…”

Christopher Priest


Robert Picardo (“Star Trek”), Herbert Siguenza (“Coco”), Pop Haydn, Carisa Hendrix & Jonathan Levit. Introducing Pat Scott as “the stooge” & Adam Sonnet as “Geoff”, directed by Rogelio Fojo and produced by Miguel A. Delgadillo and Pepe Casillas.


Classy, subtle, witty, unexpected. The Stooge is offbeat, intriguing, thoroughly cinematic, sometimes funny, it has beautiful photography and music … and real magic.
- Christopher Priest (novelist)
WOW! I loved it, so twisted and magical. Sort of a suspense ,mysterious vibe and loved how the ending ties it all up.
- Nathalie Bonin (violinist and film composer)
That is a delightful film, beautifully presented and acted. Most of all, it conveys the atmosphere and humour of the original story perfectly.
- Nina Allen (novelist)
Congratulations on your wonderful film. You did a marvelous job, as did all involved. Certainly, it should establish your vision as a director for your proposed TV series. Thank you for thinking to share "The Stooge" with me; you should be very proud of it.
- Richard Christian Matheson (TV & film writer)
WOW! That WAS amazing! Really well done... interesting characters, involving story line , high quality presentation...
- Michele Hart (actress)
I watched the piece this evening and loved it. Really cool, and beautifully executed and I thought the casting was wonderful!
- Robert Schwartz (Producer)
Your best work so far, by far. I didn't want it to end.
- Chis Gennusa (screenwriter)
I saw your short. Pretty whimsical stuff and very well done. Congrats!
- Manny Ruiz (founder of Hispanicize Media Group)
The Stooge was written, shot and edited with the utmost excellence. There was no predictability. It was wonderfully done, and I expect wonderful things from it. You continue to move in the right direction. You have shown that it’s not what you have... it’s how you use it. And you have used all you have masterfully and with perfection. Excellent job, sir.
- Ray Medved (actor)


The Stooge - by Christopher Priest

This is a still from the film of my short story, “The Stooge”. It was directed by Rogelio Fojo in Los Angeles, and runs for a fraction over 20 minutes. It’s another film about stage magic, but this time not set in the period of grand theatrical magic, but a much more modern, realistic, down-at-heel time.

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"Infinite Summer”

This impressive new collection by Christopher Priest, just released in France, includes twelve short stories. One of them -"The Stooge" ("Le Baron") - where an illusionist hires a young man and locks him in a magic cabinet, evokes "The Prestige" and it has also been made into a film.

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Note from Director

By Rogelio Fojo

A few years ago, while still in film school, I wrote a screenplay for a dramatic short film titled Missing You. Applying formulas I had learned in class, I prepared a detailed budget accompanied by eye-catching storyboards, wrote a formal cover...

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